Big B's role in 'Aarakshan' is pro-reservation

Big B's role in 'Aarakshan' is pro-reservation

Big B's role in 'Aarakshan' is pro-reservation

Talking to reporters last night after unveiling the first look of the movie which releases on August 12, Bachchan said his character does not believe in casteism but also feels that reservations are meant to be opportunities to weaker sections to move forward.

The film dwells on how opportunities for education are becoming increasingly commercialised. It highlights the commercialisation of education system.

Replying to questions, Bachchan said he would like to keep his views on reservation personal since he did not want to create a controversy.

Speaking about his experience of working with Prakash Jha, Bachchan said 'Aarakshan' would be his first issue based film in a career of 40 years.

"Prakash Jha has to be complemented for a well-organised and disciplined shooting schedule even though we were filming a very difficult subject," he added.

Lyricist Prasoon Joshi, who has composed music for one song in the film as well, described Jha as an alert citizen who had good grasp over the issue of reservations.
"Due to this, I was enlightened with his research and it helped to write lyrics for the film," he said.

Jha said the film was not inspired by the Mandal Commission agitation of the 90s. "Reservation is a wide and complex issue. I am not making a statement for or against it through my film. I am only trying to explore it in a story form. Audiences are very intelligent and they can find solution themselves," the director said.

Supporting the anti-corruption crusade, Bachchan also said that citizens have a right to express freely without fear in a democracy.

"In a democracy, everybody has a right to express themselves freely without fear. But, they have to follow the law of the land," he told reporters.

He was responding to questions on the recent agitation undertaken by Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and the government crackdown as well as the fast by social activist Anna Hazare.