'I am open to all kinds of roles'

'I am open to all kinds of roles'

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'I am open to all kinds of roles'

Cool: Aadarsh

Even today after making his mark in the Telugu films ‘Happy Days’ and Ram Gopal Varma’s Appal Raju, he says that if it wasn’t for movies, he would have been playing for the Indian cricket team. “That’s how involved I was in the game. Movies just happened by accident. I never thought I could act but I have been fortunate to get roles that are youth-oriented and characters who are more or less of my age,” says Aadarsh.

While he got lucky with Iqbal as he had to play the role of a cricketer, it was ‘Happy Days’ that gave him that big break. “I never even approached anyone for movies after Iqbal. I thought that it would be just a one-time thing. It was when I had just gone with a friend, who was auditioning for ‘Happy Days’, that the makers saw me and asked me to audition as well. And as they say, the rest was history,” recollects Aadarsh, who played a negative character in ‘Happy Days’.

Soon after, Aadarsh found a strong liking to don the ‘bad guy’ tag and played roles with negative shades in many films including the Kannada movie Nooru Janmaku. “I like playing the bad guy. There is so much to experiment with but I am open to all kinds of roles as well,” he says.

Currently, the actor has signed Umesh Shirupally’s Telugu film ‘Cricket, Girls and Beer’. The youth-oriented film will see Aadarsh as one of the heroes. “This will be a new step for me. While the title can be misleading, the movie is about three brothers who follow their passion — cricket, girls and beer,” he says.

And what’s his passion in the movie? He laughs, “Cricket of course,” and adds, “I am extremely excited about the film because after a long time, I am getting to play a cricketer again.”