More than just a father

More than just a father

Quality Time

More than just a father

Together : Prakruthi with Shiri Banwasi.

In the trepidation and pain she undergoes, the angst of her partner, the father, rarely gets due attention. In fact, childbirth marks the beginning of most fathers’ anxieties which last every moment of the child’s upbringing.

Metrolife caught up with a few new-age dads who said they love every moment they spend with their kids and there’s always more to be done. They do it all — nappy washing, feeding, bathing, playing and all the things that go with baby-sitting. And they do all this without cribbing. 

Nakhul Shenoy was more than thrilled when he had twins. His hectic work schedule left him with little time to spend with his sons at the beginning. He gave up a lucrative IT job to pursue his passion — corporate entertainment and being with his little ones. Terming his decision as the best, Nakhul says he doesn’t regret it.

 “Watching my boys,  Inesh and Ishaan, fighting with each other, playing and sometimes even ganging up against me has given me immense satisfaction,” says Nakhul. He admits he has had his share of bathing, feeding and even cooking for the kids. “I think I must be extremely fortunate to be able to do all of this. This is the best part of being a father,” he adds.

Prakruthi N Banwasi, a biker and his wife, also a biker, have travelled far and wide on their bike before their daughter Shiri Banwasi was born. Once she was old enough, the couple took their daughter on long rides as well. And today, their four-year-old child can ride the bike, of course with the help of her father, thanks to the quality time Prakruthi spends with her.

“I have never stayed away from my daughter for more than five hours. I return from wherever I am just to spend a little time with her playing and teaching her how to ride the bike,” says Prakruthi who thinks quality time with children is the best gift you can give them.  

Benny P, who works for a finance company, has a hectic work schedule. But he makes it a point to spend time with his teenage son Jerin G Benny, “Listening to my son and being with him is a great stressbuster. He gives me a lot of strength,” says Benny.

He says more than playing a strict father he would like to be a good role model and a friend to his son. “Sharing thoughts and feelings without any fear or hesitation are some of the qualities I try to inculcate in him. And when the situation demands, being strict too,” he added. 

There are a lot of things Benny and his son do together. “We go on long drives, watch a late night movie together, play computer games and sometimes have our own rounds of WWF and boxing,” he says.

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