Mazy's Muddle -14

Mazy's Muddle -14

Storybooks with Numbers

 So I decided to do something crazy too. I'm going to read a book with a number in its title. And when I reach 500 with ‘The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins’ by Dr Suess, maybe I'll become famous! By the way, unlike other books by Dr Suess, this is not written in rhyme, I believe. It is written in prose.

I just finished ‘Only One You’. This book says there's only one you in this great big world. Imagine the chaos if there were two of me! Next, I've started reading ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ and.....well, I can't help it, but some books in some seasons, at some times of the day make me sleepy.

Can you suggest the next books I could read, with a different number in the title, please? Also, if I continuously read a number book a week, starting on a Sunday, and finishing on a Saturday, and have a party on the day I finish the 20th book, what day would that be?

Out of the maze:

‘The Three Musketeers’, ‘Five Go to Smuggler's Top’, ‘Around The World in Eighty Days’ are some of the books with numbers in the title. The party to celebrate the finishing of my 20th number book will be a Saturday, of course. Join me!

In Mazy-Happy Number 13, the line should have read thus:

7 squared = 49 , 4 squared + 9 squared = 97 , 9 squared + 7 squared = 130, 1 squared + 3 squared + 0 squared = 10 , 1 squared +
0 squared = 1.

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