Ee Pattanathil Bhootham

  A scene from ‘Ee Pattanathil Bhootham’

Ee Pattanathil Bhootham is no retelling of the 1967 golden oldie romantic Tamil comedy featuring Jaishankar and K R Vijaya that was inspired by the fantasy film ‘The Brass Bottle’ based on F Anstey’s novel. Instead, John Anthony’s modern day mundane masala of a genial genie, that fuses fantasy, graphics and special effects, against the backdrop of street and commercial circus, is a bitter-sweet entertainer hard to savour.

For, instead of well-conceived comic caper that would have won the hearts hands down, with seasoned scripters in Sibi K Thomas and Udaya Krishna, Bhootham turns out into tiresome outing, atleast for elders. Anthony, known for funny films catering to children, however, fails with Bhootham, thanks to its cliched characters, slapstick situations and sagging storyline, not to mention sloppy screenplay all offering nothing novel to engage and entertain. Add to this kitsch, superstar persona of Mammootty in twin role, who turns out to be both the film’s boon and bane, Bhootham peters outs into pathetic hotch-potch pastiche that  falls flat, for Anthony & Co concentrate on milking the pulling presence of their mega star than provide pleasing and pleasurable date with the darling djinn. Part fun, part pedestrian, Bhootham may have kids going ga ga. That’s about it.

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