Boy that was good!

Emotions galore

The premiere of the play saw a big crowd, comprising people of all age groups, in addition to many renowned theatre personalities.

‘Boy With A Suitcase’ is the story of a young boy, Naz, who leaves his war-
torn country and goes to London to live with his sister as his parents put him in a bus to save him from the ongoing war.

Thus begins his journey to London, the land of ‘milk and honey’, which is filled with interesting people, experiences and stories. He meets a charming girl, Krysia, in the bus and together, they make their way through desert, mountain, sweat-shop, ocean and
finally, reach their destination.

Fascinated by the story of ‘Sindbad The Sailor’, Naz entertains Krysia with his story-telling skills.  Once he reaches his sister’s place, he realises that it is no more a ‘heaven on earth’ and the life there is not any better than his previous one.

The play unfolded through the story-telling technique wherein Naz speaks about his
two-year long journey.

It was filled with vivid human characteristics — bravery, compassion, fear and love — hence, making it a wonderful piece. Moreover, the performance was a blend of two
cultures in which Indian and German actors, musicians and technicians have worked together.

The play was well-received by the audience and got a standing ovation at the end for its punching dialogues, humour and skilled artistes.

The cast included Coordt Linke, David Benito Garcia, Konarak Reddy, M D Pallavi, Nikolai Jegorow, Shrunga B V and Simone Oswald. Shrunga B V as young Naz, Simone Oswald as Krysia and M D Pallavi as Naz’s mother and sister did a commendable job.

The play was directed by Andrea Gronemeyer and music was given by Coordt Linke, Konarak Reddy and M D Pallavi. Sahana Prasad, a member of the audience, was elated after watching the show.

“I was curious about the play as it was a combined effort of both German
and local artistes. Though the story was nothing great, the presentation was very good. I have watched around 10-15 plays at Ranga Shankara and each one has been a different experience altogether,” she said.

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