An ode to the classics

lively rendition

talented Ang Li

The Bangalore School of Music in collaboration with Alliance Francaise hosted a performance by internationally acclaimed Chinese virtuoso pianist Ang Li at the Alliance Francaise in the City recently.

Performed on the occasion of Franz Liszt’s 200th Birthday, Ang Li began the evening with ‘Mostly Liszt’, as an ode to the classical composer. Ang Li played compositions of Liszt along with two compositions from China and Canada. In the small auditorium, Ang Li played for a nearly full audience who were mesmerised by her performance. Fluctuating between soft and strong notes, Ang Li captivated the audience with her skill and energy.

The 26-year-old displayed the talent and potential to easily become one of the top pianists in the world. She started the evening with Liszt which immediately had the audience captivated. Her fingers gliding over the piano, the young pianist then played Chen Peixun’s ‘Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake’, a beautiful, soft composition which made one feel like they had been transported to the beautiful setting, which the composition created.

Ang Li went on to play a composition from Canada. She then continued with some more compositions of Liszt for the spellbound audience. Ang Li clearly held her audience in her power as she glided from composition to another in the wake of thunderous applause.

Playing some of Liszt’s best works, Ang Li progressed from soft to dark classical tunes.

The best piece was left for the end — Liszt’s ‘Ballade No 2 in B Minor’. The 15-minute-long composition played by Ang Li was breathtaking and not once did anyone in the audience lose their concentration. Amidst continuous applause and shouts of ‘Encore’, she returned to Liszt’s ‘Consolations No 3 in D minor’, another beautiful piece.

After the show ended and guests began to leave, they hoped she would come back to play again. Vanessa Davis, a student, said, “She was absolutely wonderful, she is so young and so talented. I hope she comes back to play here again.”

Her talent was appreciated by everyone in audience. Another pianist, Neecia Majolly, said, “She was excellent, the performance was just brilliant.”

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