Nepalese gal aims for PR job in India

Nepalese gal aims for PR job in India

With rich geography, this fabulous terrain is carved with world’s most beautiful eight of the ten tallest mountains. Highest peak on earth ''Mount Everest” which is called Sagarmatha in Nepali language is the crown of Nepal.

Nepal is also recognised as the solo Hindu country across the globe as Hinduism is practiced by large number of people. The country can be divided roughly into three physiographic areas like Mountain, Terai (southern low land plains) and Hillock. Terai borders India forming the rim of Indo-Gangetic plains. This snowline region has a bouquet of coniferous forests.

In the past two decades, Nepal has undergone tremendous revolutionary phase in its political arena. Besides, Nepal has been applauded for its recent speed of development, such as being one of the few countries in Asia to abolish the death penalty, the first country in Asia to rule in favour of same sex marriage among others. Identified as the 115th largest economy of the world, Nepal’s 40 per cent of the GDP is from agriculture. The magnificent landscape offers abundant tourism potential.

The cultural heritage of Nepal has the footprints of long standing legacy. Culture is embedded in the high peaks of mountains, it flows in the surge of rivers and it navigates in the curves of the valleys in Nepal, a land where art, culture, tradition and religion are part of life of the inhabitants. The multi-dimensional cultural heritage inculcates within itself the traditional cultural diversities of various tribal, ethnic and social groups. The land has the cultural groups like Tharu, Yadav, Ahir, and Newars. Traditionally, Nepalese philosophical thoughts are ingrained with the Hindu and Buddhist philosophical ethos and traditions. Unique craftsmanship can be found in the architecture of temples and Buddhist shrines.

Sabina Bista from the land of snow clad mountains and awesome valleys is in Manipal to study journalism in Manipal Institute of Communication. She is doing her Bachelors in Journalism and Communication. She shares the untouched cultural aspects of her motherland with the readers of City Herald. Excerpts of the interview…

Why did you prefer India for your studies?

Sabina: The political situation back at home is very much disturbing. I really did not want to continue my higher education in Nepal. Moreover, I wanted to do journalism course. I like interacting with people and journalism in Nepal has very less scope.

How do you evaluate the quality of education in India when compared to Nepal? Is the educational expense in India cheap or costly?

The standard of education is very good here in India. However, the fees to be paid and other expenses are a bit costly when compared to Nepal.

How do you find India and the people over here?

India is a wonderful land and people are really nice. They help a lot. I had no problems interacting with people here as I knew Hindi to some extent.

Which are the places you have visited in India and which place you liked most?

I have visited many places in India including Delhi, Chennai, Tiruvananthapuram and Kanyakumari among others. I liked Manipal very much because I feel more at home here.

Rice, dal and curry are all of similar tastes in Nepal and India. We find most of the Indian dishes in Nepal too. There is no big difference in food and eating habits. I liked sambhar very much because it tastes different as we don’t cook it in Nepal.

What about style of dressing in Nepal?

Like in India, it is sari and salwars. Women wear saris most of the times. There is no difference between style of dressing in India and Nepal.

Tells us something about Nepal, the culture and way of life of the people in Nepal?

Culture is more diverse. People in Nepal are religious. It is a male dominated society with conservative background. Girls are not allowed to do many things and are always considered as inferior to the boys. They are not encouraged to be self reliant and females are groomed only to be supportive figure for males within the precincts of the house. Women are meant only to do household work.

What are your future plans? Would you like to recommend studying in India for your friends?

I would like to be a Public Relation Officer (PRO) in any company. I prefer staying in India. I will recommend my friends to come to India for their higher studies.

Manjushree G Naik

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