Support to Team Anna swells on sixth day

Hazare is demanding tough anti-corruption legislation as compared to the government’s Lokpal Bill submitted to Parliament. A crowd of about 20,000 people gathered on the weekend at the venue expressing solidarity with the Gandhian, who had raised the political stakes by setting a deadline to the government to pass the Jan Lokpal bill by August 30 failing which he would continue his fast unto death.

Poems, folk songs, speeches, parody songs hailing the 74-year-old activist were being played the whole day to attract the crowd and keep the momentum going.

Former cop Kiran Bedi did her best to motivate  the youngsters who formed majority of Hazare’s supporters.

“They (government) say let us see who will bow first. So, tell me who will lose this fight?” asked Bedi to the huge crowd, which responded in chorus, “the government will lose the fight.”

The speakers, including Hazare’s aide Arvind Kejriwal,  explained the importance of the movement.

Sunday witnessed the highest presence of youngsters.  Students were busy  singing patriotic songs. However, many of them seem to know very little about the difference between Jan Lokpal Bill and the government’s draft of anti-corruption legislation.
Sandhya, one of the students, said: “I know that Annaji is fighting against corruption and it is for our better future,” a sentiment expressed by many of the urban middle class.

A group of boys took out  rallies on two-wheelers raising impromptu slogans in favour of Hazare and against the Congress government. The supporters, gathered at New Delhi Metro Station, shouted slogans hailing Hazare and “Vande Mataram.” As the peaceful anti-corruption movement gained momentum, according to vendors, the sale of Gandhi caps witnessed a quick surge.

Raju, who sells caps outside the protest venue, said he  made a profit of Rs 1,000 on Saturday. With no signs of ceasefire from both the sides even on the sixth day of  fast, the Gandhian’s fight, which is making waves across the globe, seems to continue for a  few more days.

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