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Welfare associations

However, since it is a body by the students and for the students, it could be advantageous or disadvantageous for the students. Metrolife spoke to a few students in the City to get their opinion on these associations.

Many students believe that a student has to feel part of his or her institution and therefore has to take part in the activities conducted by welfare associations. Says Punya, a student of Jyoti Nivas College, “Participating in these activities helps us gain valuable skills that will complement our education and make us a complete individual.

These associations conduct programmes on a regular basis and hence are of great importance.” These associations also help in addressing the grievances of the students.

Says Sandesh of Garden City College, “A representative of the council passes on the requests, ideas and complaints of the students to the authorities concerned. This helps in voicing our opinion on issues that concern us.”

Varsha, a student of Christ University, agrees, “They address the issues of foreign students who have limited knowledge about the college. They also provide counselling to students on issues and personal problems and help in personal development.” However indispensable these associations are, they are not free from problems.

Says Arshi of Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, “In some associations, students are not allowed to express their views freely. This might help in students not misusing the power given to them. But at times, the whole purpose of having a student council itself is lost. Also, students should be given a chance to elect their own representatives.”

Varsha adds, “Welfare associations are not properly organised. They are usually dictatorial and not for the welfare of students. These organisations are meant to solve the problems related to the college. They are framed to give solutions and advice and guide the students.”

Punya adds, “Nowadays, they are not that effective and needs to be improved. Better initiatives must be taken and one should have the freedom to express one’s opinion. The association needs to work systematically and in an organised manner for the welfare of all students.”

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