Open up to universal energy

Open up to universal energy

The collective positive energy of the universe is like healing rain, which courses in what you see, say, hear, touch, intuit and feel. The healing energy can come to you from several directions. When you see an old lady basking in stable contentment in the sun.

When a bird perches across and twitters merrily at you. When you stroll down the street on a windy day and watch the graceful dance of the swirling leaves. This is positive energy that the universe is throwing at you.

So, realise that you are in touch with this great beautiful rain of energy, all day long, seven days a week. Believe in the fact that each fear and worry is being healed every moment, and getting better.  Allow yourself to believe this: “All is healthy, all is whole. The universal healing energy pours through me.”

Through your words, you radiate this energy, you touch the life-force within yourself. Even if you cannot dissolve worry and fear, you can transform them. Find the quietest place possible. It’s okay to have what is termed as ‘white noise’— the whirr of the fan or the hum of the air-conditioner. Disconnect intrusive sounds. Now synchronise your thoughts with breathing this way:

*Breathing in — I am aware of my breath. Breathing out — I am aware of my breath.

*Breathing in — I heal my whole body. Breathing out — I heal my whole body.

*Breathing in — I transform worry to joy. Breathing out — I transform worry to joy.

*Breathing in — I transform fear to peace. Breathing out — I transform fear to peace.
Constant repetition trains the mind.

When you’re in training, avoid interacting with cynical or negative people or watching
violent films. You cannot set ice cream if you constantly remove it from the freezer. Similarly, you cannot set the mind in a positive mould if you constantly shake it up.

Make two lists:
*Worries within my control
*Worries beyond my control.

This helps begin shaping a positive frame of mind. You accept the second list and leave it to the universe to sort it out at the right time. This frees you to address the first list.

*Create periods of psychological safety to insulate and strengthen you.

*Exercise — It freshens the brain.

*Watch a movie  —  it is tactical distancing to make you more objective.    

*Spend time on a hobby — To restore a sense of self-productivity and self-esteem.

*Talk to friends — They not only are a great support system, but sometimes, they can be gentle catalysts in making you realise that worry is nothing but a timely opportunity to straighten out the little ‘crookednesses’ in your life.

Take action based on this sense of stability. Be assured, your very efforts will harness that great, bountiful universal energy.

(The writers are authors of ‘Fitness for Life’ and teachers of the Fitness for Life programme)

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