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Dear Sir,

I would like to know more about career options in engineering for my son who has secured a distinction in PUC II. He has scored 93 in Maths, 97 in Physics, 79 in Chemistry, with an overall percentage of 89. He is interested in pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering. What are the prospects for this field?

Which are the reputed colleges in the state that offer this programme? Alternatively, are there other technical courses that he take up?

Sunil Patil

Dear Suresh,

If your son is interested in Aerospace Engineering and is passionate about it, there certainly is scope for good growth in this career. There are only two engineering colleges in Bangalore and one in Gulbarga that offer this subject. Some IIT’s and other engineering colleges all over India including Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology offer this subject at the undergraduate level. It would be better that he chooses any basic stream of engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Instrumentation, etc. and aim to get into any of the IIT’s or IISc, which offer aerospace and aeronautical engineering at the Master’s level,  after completion of engineering and by writing GATE. By the time your son completes engineering, he will have more clarity and maturity to choose the stream of his choice. Alternatively, he can write GRE and TOEFL and depending on his performance and scores in these two tests he can aim to study the subject in highly ranked university either in the USA or the UK. He will certainly have an advantage as his exposure to technology required for aerospace and aeronautics will be at a high level.

Dear Sir,

I am currently pursuing an Integrated MSc in Molecular Biology. I am interested in ‘Research in Industries’. Should I pursue a PhD for this? What are the options for a PhD in a foreign countries?


Dear Anu,

These days, there is a dearth of youth aspiring to be in the Pure Sciences and Applied Sciences field. After completing the Master’s programme, you can aim towards a doctoral programme. As you know any doctoral programme involves a lot of research work. Hence, if you can start working in the same field in India, and publish some scientific papers based on your work, it will help in your search for a research project abroad to pursue research and studies for a doctorate. In the absence of any of these, it would be a long and arduous procedure to search for a university that can take you for a doctoral programme. You have to keep contacting a number universities to identify a subject for research and then start the application process.

You would need to take IELTS for proof of English language proficiency. This process is possible with universities in UK, Australia etc. However, it will be a different scenario if you wish to aim for universities in USA. Ideally you can appear and take GRE and TOEFL scores and enrol into an MS programme. After evaluation and assessment on arrival at the university in the US, you will be awarded more course credits, which reduces the number of course credits to complete your MS there. This helps in either reduction of time to complete the Master’s programme or reduces the number of credits to fulfil your MS programme.

You will get the necessary contacts and the time and opportunity to search for your doctoral programme and the time to evaluate all possible sources that will help you decide.

You can also opt to pursue a doctoral programme by paying for the course, which is very expensive as the minimum period required would be 3-5 years. Without research assistantship, every year of study will cost you Rs. 10 to 12 lakhs. The following websites may provide further information. For Canada:,, For USA:,,,,,

Dear Sir,

I have completed MTech in Civil Engineering (Structures) via correspondence. I want to do a PhD from a University in New Zealand. Can you suggest the names of a few which offer research in Civil Engineering topics? And also, I have heard that they offer a stipend with ongoing research activities. Is it true?

Naveed Ahmed

Dear Naveed,

Whichever country you choose for doctoral studies, doing a PhD requires a lot of research work in specific areas within the field of Structural Engineering. Your acceptance to any particular university depends on the availability of research facility. Along with your Master’s, any technical literature published by you would help in getting admission. Since research is a specific area, you will have to correspond and search for such an opportunity. Browse through the following websites for more detailed information:,,, and for specific university: www.(universityname)

New Zealand is one of the countries offering permanent residency for skilled people. However, current immigration rules of the country allow graduating students to look for employment in the “field of study” for six months after graduation in minimum time. A genuine job offer in the line of work will result in a work permit for two years. Regarding this information, correspond with:, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, New Zealand High Commission, 50 N Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. Ph:(011) 26883170

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