Unsafe auto travel rampant

Unsafe auto travel rampant

This is in addition to their heavy bags and lunch boxes. This is a daily routine of some private schools in the City.

While five children sit around the autorickshaw driver, another 15 sit in the back seat.  The driver hardly has any space to sit and drive the autorickshaw, yet he somehow managed to drive the three-wheeler.

The autorickshaws have the additional burden of plying in the morning and evening, ferrying children, during the peak hours. The risk of accidents are very high including the possibility of children slipping and falling down from the autorickshaw.

There is also possibility of the autorickshaw driver losing control over the vehicle.

Despite flouting the traffic rules, the traffic police turn a blind eye to the defaulting autorickshaw drivers. Last month, a rickshaw carrying children has turned turtle with the children sustaining injuries.