A special song

A special song

Ranbir’s upcoming film ‘Rockstar’ features a scene depicting Ranbir playing the guitar and singing to an audience of sex workers. And director Imtiaz Ali was keen on shooting at an actual brothel instead of creating a set and using junior artistes.

On the day of the shoot, the women were excited about meeting the star but were also nervous about the shoot. They welcomed the crew and also served the local breakfast of chai and pav.

After a short introductory session and some light-hearted conversation, they commenced shooting for the scene in which Ranbir, surrounded by a big group of sex workers is playing the guitar and singing for them.

The actor, who had taken extensive guitar lessons to prepare for his role in the
film, actually played it live and even sang the verses himself, leaving his audience

A crew member says, “The sex workers were very shy initially. They were reluctant about coming in front of the camera but Imtiaz and Ranbir spent some time talking to them and created a comfortable environment after which, we commenced shooting. Once the shoot was over, some of them even took pictures with Ranbir and requested for autographs and Ranbir happily obliged. They wished Ranbir and Imtiaz good luck for the film’s success.”