'Where's the competition?'

'Where's the competition?'

Ask her what beau Saif Ali Khan says about her chemistry with the other Khans and she says, “I don’t know about him but for me, it’s best with Saif.

Even though it’s hard to choose among the others, they are all so different as are the films I am doing with them.”

On being asked if she would work with her ex boyfriend Shahid Kapoor again, she says, “Co-stars are never a criteria for me while choosing a film. The only thing that matters is the story so if there’s an interesting project, why not?”

What does she think of her competition at the box office? She quips, “Where’s the competition?

I have always been happy in my own space and the only competition I have is from myself. The others can worry about being on top. I’m happy balancing work and my personal  life and not sacrificing one for the other.”