Pakistani leader admits his wife, kids are US citizens

Pakistani leader admits his wife, kids are US citizens

Khan, who is from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, is otherwise perceived in political circles as somebody who is opposed to the American policies in the region, said the daily Dawn.

A secret cable dated Sep 19, 2008, by then US Ambassador in Islamabad Anne W. Patterson to Washington stated: "As always, Nisar insisted that he and the PML-N were pro-American (saying that his wife and children, in fact, are Americans)."

"Nisar did admit that he went to the US embassy in London to renew his daughter's passport because he wanted to avoid being seen at the US embassy in Islamabad."
The cable also said that "Nisar appears to be positioning himself to be a candidate for prime minister..."

Khan Tuesday said that his wife was holding dual nationality when they got married in the late 1980s and his in-laws were settled in the US since 1970s.

He denied that he ever visited the US embassy in London in connection with the renewal of his daughter's passport.

Khan said he was feeling pained over discussing his family matters before the media.
"I am a person who wants to live a private life," he was quoted as saying.

The ties between the US and Pakistan became strained after a US undercover agent, Raymond Davis, fatally shot two Pakistanis in Lahore in February.

The rift deepened after the May 2 killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in his Abbottabad hideout by US commandos in a sneak raid.