Perfect for the role

Perfect for the role

“My look is perfect for the desert. I am playing the role of a young bird-watcher called Kim, who comes to Kutch to do her research on the flamingos,” she says.

“The highlight of the film is music composed by Sonu Nigam and Bikram Singh. Purab plays the role of water diviner. The best thing was that director Girish, who has an amazing vision to make modern international cinema, asked me to use very minimal make-up because my character is not a glamorous one.

Kim is exactly opposite to what I am in real life and I could get into the skin of my character only after attending a workshop conducted by Girish himself for nearly a month,” she adds.

Saidah says besides her and Purab, Tannishta Chatterjee and Kirti Kulhare are also there in the film. She confesses frankly that Katrina Kaif is not her inspiration at all and she did not come to Bollywood because she was fascinated by the industry.

“Though I was born in Russia and have studied in Germany, I have always been very curious about Hinduism and spirituality and hence was attracted to India, where destiny has propelled me.”