More than just bikes

More than just bikes

Auto show

It began in Ludhiana in April this year. It then travelled to tier 2 towns like Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Kolkata, Guwahati, Patna and Ranchi apart from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The show will be held in Bangalore from September 16 to 18 at Tripuravasini in Palace Grounds.

The show not only serves as a perfect platform to launch, relaunch and promote products but it also provides an opportunity for companies to interact with the customers directly and showcase technologies in the automotive sector, including new design concepts and  trendy accessories. It will host some of the biggest brands from across the country.

This year there is a new entrant— All Terrain vehicles (ATVs) which has vehicles that are capable of traversing a variety of terrains from sand to snow. There will be niche segments like ‘Think Green’ and ‘Drive Green Lounge’ to display green car and bike and hydride electric automobiles.

There will be luxury cars and  bikes as well as lifestyle products. An exclusive area will be dedicated for display of opulent high end cars, bikes and lifestyle brands. There will be a segment on ‘vintage’ and ‘classic car display’ that will display some of rare collectors’ cars of yesteryears. The design and engineering students could also exhibit their design and creativity.

The show will have some of the country’s finest stunt riders to thrill the audience. There will be breathtaking acrobatics on motor bikes. There will also be a fire show later in the day. For details, call 9379170930/929.