'I'm in no hurry to sign more movies'

'I'm in no hurry to sign more movies'

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'I'm in no hurry to sign more movies'

Now with the release of her first film Lifeu Ishtene, the actress says that she is still figuring out if this is where she wants to be.

“I have been a part of theatre ever since fifth standard. I could have gotten into films a long time ago but I wanted to wait for the right time and the right kind of movie. Even today, I am experimenting with the idea of taking up cinema as a career. Let’s see how it goes on from here,” Samyuktha tells Metrolife.

Initially, Samyuktha had auditioned for Yograj Bhat’s Pancharangi but since the shoot clashed with her college schedule, she couldn’t take it up. Soon, during her holidays, Pawan Kumar offered her Lifeu Ishtene.

“Everything just fell into place. I had vacations just around the time they required my dates. It was a Yograj Bhat Production and I got to act opposite Diganth. Pawan is a good director. My character in the film is very much like me. There was nothing I could say no to,” she adds.

Talking more about her role, she says, “It’s a contemporary role, which is feminine, strong, vivacious and straightforward. It’s very much like how I am in real life. There were moments when I did find it challenging but my mom was always there to help me out.”

Speaking of her co-star Diganth, the actress coyly admits of having a crush on him. “I am one of those many female admirers of Diganth. I couldn’t believe I was actually acting opposite him. He made me feel so comfortable on the sets. He is a very good actor and very spontaneous on sets, which is a rare trait,” she says.

Now with one movie down, Samyuktha says that she is in no hurry to sign more films. “I don’t want to go on a signing spree. I am still young so I can afford to take my time and pick the roles that I really like and have a lot of scope. It maybe hard to get such roles but I am willing to wait,” she signs off.