Railways to fill over 1 lakh safety related jobs

Railways to fill over 1 lakh safety related jobs

Mega ministry is worlds eight biggest employer; set to top global list soon

The railways’ ongoing recruitment drive  will enable it to provide jobs to over one lakh people by the end of the next year.

It has earned the reputation of being the eighth biggest employer of the world in a recent survey by the famous economic magazine- “The Economist”.

The list of top ten employers, prepared to show employment generation at global level, has seven public sector companies in it.

The US Defense tops the list. Other public service companies in the list include China Post Group and National Health Service of England.

The list has been prepared to asses the employment generation in an environment of economic recession.

“One of the biggest headaches for policymakers in many rich countries has been how to create jobs during a period of fiscal austerity and anaemic growth,” says the Economist.
Indian Railways with its 1.4 million people on its payroll last year, made it the world’s eighth biggest employer, according to the Economist.

“We have received about 1.3 crore applications for 85068 posts. It will take at least one year to complete the process. The panel will be finalized before December, 31, 2012,” said a top official. “Another panel for 47, 000 posts will be ready  by December, 2011,” said the official.

Exams conducted

According to railways, it has already conducted written examination for 36,000 posts, of which 31, 000 are of safety category.

Railways are facing huge shortage of staff.  This shortage touched an alarming level when its recruitment process was halted following the surfacing of a scam in it. It is estimated that at least 1, 80,000 posts are lying vacant in railways and at least 50 percent of it are related to safety.

A parliamentary panel has recently castigated the railways for its inability to fill up the vacancies.The department has also been criticized for its failure to get enough staff to run the trains safely.