Two of a kind

Two of a kind

On seeing Piggy Chops and chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor, everyone wants to know what’s brewing between   them on and off screen. One look at the constant whispers and smiles being exchanged between the two of them even in a crowded room and you know something is up.
Priyanka and Shahid
While they accepted the on screen chemistry in their latest film Kaminey, Shahid brushed away their ‘flourishing romance’ in a diplomatic manner.

At a press conference, the duo and the director of the film Kaminey, Vishal Bhardwaj spent a few precious moments with their fans and took time out to promote their movie. A film that explores the good and bad side of  individuals in matter of 24 hours, Kaminey has been in the news for other reasons, like for the song Dhan Te Nan or the dialogue, “I tho like you without clothes only”.

The name of the film may sound as an abusive term but Vishal was quick to jump to the defence, “There is nothing derogatory or abusive about that word as people have started using it in their everyday life,” he said, while Priyanka added, “I look at the word like a chhota bad word which can be used very cutely as well. Come on, Dharamji made an entire career out of it.”

The shutting of the theatres and multiplexes in Mumbai due to the swine flu scare will surely affect and delay the release of the film in their home turf, but what scares Vishal even more is the fact that the censor board has given them an ‘A’ certificate. “There is nothing offensive in the film yet they made us change two words, which we did and despite this they gave us an A certificate, it’s unjust on their part,” opined Vishal.
Nevertheless, all three of them have found the movie challenging in their own ways. While Vishal found tackling the rain backdrop challenging, perfectionist Priyanka found getting her Marathi dialect challenging. As for Shahid, who plays the double role in the movie, “Trying to shed off the ‘chocolate boy’ image and donning two totally different characters at the same time were challenging,” said Shahid.

Who is the bigger Kaminey? “Priyanka is the bigger kamini, but on screen I think I can take credit for being one,” concluded Shahid.