Medicos enchant crowd with messages

Medicos enchant crowd with messages

Deccan Herald is the media sponsor for the event. Held at J K Grounds, the event witnessed students thronging the venue cheering their teams in the various competitions, here on Friday.

During their performance, the students showcased the losses caused to both humans due to terrorism. Belgaum Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS) overshadowed the hosts, by sending a message on epilepsy. Their performance indicated how people from rural areas bow to superstitions and take patients to witchdoctors. The mime artists displayed the consequences and urged people to take epileptics to hospitals. The Scions from Bangalore Medical College captivated the audience with their stellar group dance performance dancing to tunes from movies such as Bombay and Saathiya. Blazing Constellations from MMC and RI performing to an instrumental tune set the stage on fire with their acrobatic moves.

Shimmying to the song ‘Jo hai albela madanainon wala...’ from Kisna, Sangeetha from Vidyashram College emulated the graceful dance of Isha Sharvani in the original. Cine actor Rakesh, whose movie Manasalogy released in theatres on Friday, made a cameo appearance at the event and enthralled the crowds by singing a song from Urban Lads.


Quiz: Srikara and Chandrashekar (University of Mysore, first place), Kevin and Abhishek (SJCE, second place).
Kannada extempore: Darshan Gowda and Manasa S J (MMC and RI, first place), Kiran B and Chetana (MMC and RI, second place).
Pot Painting: Chetana (MMC and RI, first).
Hindu extempore: Swathi (first),  Ashok Kumar Meena (second); both from MMC and RI.
Hindi debate: Anurag (first), Ashok Kumar Meena (second); both from MMC and RI.
Kannada Antakshari: Dr Manu and Dr Hemanth (PG Pharmacology), Darshan and Rudresh;  both from MMC and RI.
Mime: Belgaum Institute of Medical Sciences (first), MMC and RI (second).
Mad Ads: Punk Police (first), Carcinators (second);  both from MMC and RI.
Solo dance: Sangeetha (Vidyashrama, first), Archana (MMC and RI).
Pictionary: Nitesh, Nischal and Manoj (first), Rohith R, Rohith Y and Arvind Goutham (second);  both from MMC and RI.