Residents raise banner of revolt

Residents raise banner of revolt

But the municipalities have turned a blind eye to the large number of banners and flexes of political parties and other organisations on display in every nook and corner illegally, alleged public.

Besides, these banners are put up violating the rules that stipulate that permission of the municipality should be taken and they should be removed after the stipulated period.

The banners have been put up without paying any fee to the municipality, Town Municipality President Pramila Balaji on Monday told Deccan Herald.

The organisations and parties displaying the banners should be set a time-limit and soon after the deadline they should remove them, she said.

In Malur

A protest was staged in front of the Municipality, accusing the TMC executive officer of working in favour of the BJP and allowing the party activists to put up banners indiscriminately across the town.

Kodihalli Manjunath Gowda, who led the protest, demanded that steps be taken to ­remove the banners.

After deadline

TMC member Pradeep Reddy said the flexes with Manjunath Gowda’s portrait were removed only recently, after the deadline was over.

But the EO allowed the members of the BJP to put up the flexes, violating the norms, he alleged.

They demanded that Rudramuni be suspended immediately.

Tahsildar H Amaresh, who rushed to the spot, promised to remove all the illegal hoardings, banners and flexes and persuaded the group to withdraw the protest.