Materials required for the project are available in most stores that cater to products related to arts and crafts.

What you will need...

Hundred grams of assorted gemstones with a hole drilled in them. One bundle of golden coloured metal binding wire. (Note: This wire should be very thin and strong. If the wire breaks while twisting, discard the wire and use another for better look and longer life of the art piece.)

1 small cup 50 grams of wax Method

Pass the metal wire through the gemstone till it reaches half the length of the wire.
Bend the wire and twist the two ends together such that the gemstone remains in the middle. Once all the gemstones are assembled in this way, you can decide to make clusters of four or five stones according to your favourite colour combination.

Take the chosen cluster and twist them neatly and firmly together. Now all the branches of your gem tree are ready.

Melt the wax and pour it into the cup and insert the inter-twined branches according to your fancy while the wax is still molten. Once the wax solidifies twist the wires as desired and even out the branches. The arrangement can be altered from time to time by melting the wax and remixing the branches.