Love and duty shouldnt mix

After Dileep, Vijay and Salman, it is Jaggesh’s turn to don the bodyguard’s uniform in Bodyguard. Daisy Shah keeps him company as Ammu.

Director has remained faithful to the script and no surprises await the audience. The narrative remains taut throughout, with some crisp editing. Ashok Raman returns to commercial cinema here, sticking to basics. Vinay Chandra provides pleasant music.

Acting wise, Daisy gets a meatier part and has worked hard. Spoorthi is understated but effective. Sadhu Kokila’s comedy is timely. There are hardly any aberrations.

Yet, this Bodyguard has a weakness. Jaggesh is miscast as the righteous hunk with a tender heart. If only he was leaner and younger! His attempt to leave behind comedy is laudable, but leaves his core fans high and dry - his trademark dialogues are rare.
There is hardly any depth in other roles as the film itself was meant to be a walk in the park. As such, this Bodyguard has little cinema muscle to show except the last 20 minutes of the film.

The film perks up interest then and makes up for the rest.