Int'l prosecutor: Gaddafi son will be arrested

Int'l prosecutor: Gaddafi son will be arrested

Luis Moreno-Ocampo also said he was making headway with an investigation into allegations of widespread rapes by Gaddafi supporters.

Asked if he believed the rapes were part of an organised campaign of sexual abuse, Moreno-Ocampo told The Associated Press, "I think so. We have one witness who was a soldier who says he received instructions to rape."

Investigators are now trying to pin down exactly who ordered the sex attacks. "We are trying to connect the rapes with instructions given by commanders," he said.

Moreno-Ocampo told the UN Security Council last week that investigators are probing hundreds of alleged rapes, but he said the true number could run to thousands. He said it is difficult to establish the exact number because victims are reluctant to report rapes.

Meanwhile, the court's investigators are "following information about the probable whereabouts" of Seif al-Islam and former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senoussi "and we are encouraging efforts to arrest them."

The two were indicted by the International Criminal Court in June for unleashing a campaign of murder and torture to suppress the uprising against the Gaddafi regime that broke out in February.

Gaddafi himself also was indicted, but the case against him will be dropped after he died at the hands of rebels who captured him last month outside his hometown of Sirte.