IOA lashes out at Maken for using unchecked language

IOA lashes out at Maken for using unchecked language

Blaming the minister for playing a double game, the IOA warned him that these cheap tactics are going to boomerang on him sooner than later.
"Exuberance does not mean that one should cross limits of decency. One has to temper with his language," the IOA acting president Vijay Kumar Malhotra said in a statement here.

Maken had claimed that the Government has no faith in the IOA and the sports organisation cannot be trusted to handle big amounts.

He had also expressed his apprehension regarding the conduct of the South Asian Games (SAG) here next year.

"We are shocked and dismayed at the language used by the sports minister against IOA. We never expected him to stoop so low with his expressions against the premier sports organisation," Malhotra said.

"It is time that he stops this sinister and malicious campaign against the IOA," he added.
Malhotra also demanded an explanation regarding when the IOA asked him for money from the minister? And if he did not trust them then why his ministry was repeatedly writing letters, seeking help and assistance in hosting the SAG.

"It is strange that while on one hand you compliment IOA for taking positive initiatives like setting up of court of arbitration, ethics and anti-doping commissions and your officials are in touch with us on regular basis and on the other hand, you are carrying on your ill conceived campaign against the IOA and National Sports Federations (NSF) on regular basis.

"So we want to know what is your 'game plan'," asked Malhotra.
Stating that the IOA has received four letters from the Government seeking an early meeting with regards to the hosting of the SAG next year, the acting president said, "If you have no faith in us then why your ministry is desperate to seek meeting with the IOA?"

Malhotra also asserted that the "IOA does not wish to deal with the Government money".

"As per the IOC charter it is only the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of a country which can conduct any International event and in the case of IOA is the NOC."
IOA has also pointed out that for the conduct of SAG, it would like the government to deal with the financial aspect.

"We want the government agencies to handle the expenditure and income from TV rights, sponsorships, advertisement etc. and Delhi Government can take charge of opening and closing ceremony," insisted Malhotra.

"IOA will also like to have a some senior cabinet minister, as its nominee, to be the chairman of the Organising Committee," he added.

Insisting that hosting the SAG is national commitment, Malhotra said the IOA will do its best to make it technically successful event.

"Conduct is our responsibility, rest is Governments. We do not have to incur anything into infrastructure."

Further stating that no international or national sporting event related with Olympic disciplines can be held in India without the approval of the IOA, Malhotra said, The minister should be fully aware of this important fact. The technical Conduct of the Commonwealth Games which was IOA's responsibility was universally appreciated."