QI am a 16-year-old boy,  who is 6 feet tall and weighing 61 kilos. I am very skinny. Please suggest ways to gain weight in 3-4 weeks without the help of any trainer?

ANever miss breakfast — thus have a complete meal in the morning; for example porridge (daliya) with almonds and cashewnuts/ egg and toast with an orange/ 2 thin dosas with tomato chutney / 2 idlis with sambhar/ a mixed berry milkshake etc.
Always choose wholegrain cereals. Opt for wholewheat bread/ chapathis, brown/ red rice, wholewheat pasta, etc. Wholegrains have more nutrients, especially B vitamins and a good amount of fibre which the body requires to carry out it’s functions. The total number of serves of wholegrain cereals should equal six a day. Example of a serving is 1 slice of bread/ 2 thin chapathis/ half a cup of cooked rice or pasta, etc.
Always choose lean protein. Choose sprouts, dals, eggs, skinless chicken, lean red meats (trim the fatty parts), Protein is important for repairing and building the body. Thus the total number of servings of protein should be 1-2 a day. Example of a serving is 1 egg/ 1 bowl of thin dal/ palm size of red meat/ 2 chicken legs. Always limit intake of fatty and sugary foods. Limit the intake of fried and sugary food.
Have a 5+ a day of fruits and vegetables. Two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables per day. Have more green leafy and salad vegetables and choose those in season as they are brimming with nutrients.
As per Healthy Action diet, it is important to follow these guidelines as it’s the key to gaining muscle, which will help you gain the weight you are after. Stay active throughout the day. Try and do at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity and 30 minutes of resistance training regularly. Try and vary your physical activity on a weekly basis; thus on weekends, try and take up a different activity e.g swimming/ tennis/ football/ basketball.
Parul Dube

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