'I do films which have soul'

'I do films which have soul'

Justifying act

'I do films which have soul'

The film, which is about media manoeuvres, was directed by Shamin Desai but his sudden death brought it to a halt. It is now being released by Percept Pictures by the end of this year.

“I am very excited about my upcoming film Raftaar opposite Emraan Hashmi.
It was good working with him. He is a great actor,” said Neha.

Her solo career hasn’t taken off in the industry with flops like Sheesha, 'Julie', Ek Chalis Ki Last Local  but Neha has found a place in multi-starrers like 'Action Replayy', Mithya, Phas Gaye Re Obama and Dasvidaniya.

The actress, however, is happy with the way her career has taken shape.

“I do films which have soul and don’t just blindly run behind money and big directors. I do work which I think is good and satisfies me. I think at the end of the day that is what matters. I know people who work in 100 crore budget films but are not to be seen after that. I am happy with the way my career has shaped up and the kind of work I have done.”

The actress also feels that success is not limited to box office. “I don’t know how to categorise success. My films might not be a hit at the box office but some people watch it and like it. Isn’t that success in its own way? I don’t let myself down if my movie doesn’t do well, because if I lose faith in myself no one will stand by me,” Neha added.

Talking about the failure of 'My Friend Hitler', she said that the Indian audience is not ready for such films. “The film was great and I had put in all my hard work. I just think our audience is not ready for such scripts.”