MCC on the way to biometric attendance

MCC on the way to biometric attendance

The corporation has already launched the exercise to collect all 10 fingerprints, besides photo and other required details of its employees for the database. The project envisaging improved facility is being implemented at an estimated cost of Rs 27.50 lakh.

MCC commissioner K S Raykar told Deccan Herald, a total of 3600 employees including the contract workers and Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) are being brought under the said system. The equipment to record biometric attendance will be installed at 76 places- from MCC to revenue offices and Assistant Commissioners’ offices to Vani Vilas Water Works among others. The revenue offices alone are counted at 30.

As is the procedure, the employees have to record their attendance thrice a day. At the end of the month, the machine generates salary bill equal to pay slip.

In the earlier case, all was manual-from recording the attendance to the bill. Most importantly, the bills were declared authentic only after it was passed through a hierarchy of officers. In the case of biometric, it will be exactly opposite.

Moreover, it would also help rein in the absentees who at the end of the month put their foot down to disprove that they had stayed away from the duty, in case of manual system.
The work on collecting the data has started departments’ wise-revenue, health, UGD, vehicle, engineering, control room etc., Already 60 per cent of the job is completed and the task is expected to be accomplished in five more days.

The corporation intends to make the system operational either in the month of December or latest by January 2012.