21 schools face threat of closure in Mandya district

21 schools face threat of closure in Mandya district

Government schemes fail to attract students

The district has 21 higher primary schools that has less than five students and 112 schools that have less than ten students.

The process has begun amid the debate whether it is inevitable to close the schools or any alternative could be made to save the schools from the threat of closure.

The officials and the teachers have expressed that though lack of basic amenities in the government schools has kept the students away, others claim that the teachers have failed to experiment new methods to attract the kids is also one of the reasons for the poor admission to government schools.

According to DDPI Gopal, there are only five schools that have students less than five in the district and no steps has been taken till now for merger of schools.

Discussions are being held to take steps to improve the number of students in such schools.

He also said that the primary schools do not have fee at the initial level and  there is also a provision of mid-day meals. Despite this, if the schools are having less students it means there are no students in that age group in the village.

Steps would be taken to meet the parents in the villages explain them and appeal them to admit their wards to the government schools and improve the percentage of students. This would be discussed in a meeting with the ZP CEO, he said. Another official opined that it is the onus of the teachers to explain them about the facilities available including free bicycles among the parents.

The teachers in the government schools are being selected under merit and those who are not able to land here opt for private schools where the salary is also less, all these factors and the importance of quality education that are available at these schools should be explained. he added.

The teachers should also not be given extra work pressure so that they can concentrate on teaching and on the improvement of students.