Come explore nature at Dasara expo

Come explore nature at Dasara expo

Architectural value

If you are a travel buff, having penchant for interesting spots, you can go on a virtual tour at Dasara exhibition grounds.

The Command Area Development Authority (CADA) stall has recreated not one but four reservoirs. The moment you enter the stall, a huge replica of KRS dam along with equally popular Brindavan Garden welcomes you. A fountain in the middle recreated using a small tub, with water flowing from the top and large tracts of green on either side makes it complete.

The illuminated sight of the structure is a visual treat. The other recreated reservoirs include- Chikkahole in Chamarajanagar district, Chiklihole and Harangi in Kodagu district. Mention must be made of Chiklihole where at the site water swirls like a ring soon after it starts to flow from the elevated platform. 

It is also the reason why the dam attracts hordes of tourists. When compared to other dams including that of most popular KRS, it is at Chiklihole only unique natural wonder occurs, explains Narasimha Swamy agriculture assistant at CADA here. Photographs of the dams have been hung on the top of every replica, to enable visitors with facts. To facilitate visitors again umpteen number of photographs giving a glimpse of different activities undertaken by CADA to promote agriculture have also been displayed.

Move further you will find the Department of Tourism with the replica of Gol Gumbaz, Stone Chariot in Hampi among others forming the facade. A splendid recreation of falls is suffice to floor one. Move inside, you can explore places- from Mysore to Bidar, Murdeshwar to Jungle Lodges and Resorts among others.

A huge photograph of world famous jamboo savari forms the backdrop of central wall. Golden Chariot is also here, but only of the interior in the form of a photograph.

For those who are planning to explore nature, Dasara expo yet again proves a best shop to plan the itinerary. The department previous year had showcased- Golden Chariot, however this year, it is melange of attractions.