MYF ensures bribe-free DL

MYF ensures bribe-free DL

Web portals Sarathi and Vahan for license, vehicle registration

In an informal survey conducted by MYF amongst youth in the age group 18-25 across various educational institutions we found approximately 50 per cent of the youths had a very strong notion that it’s impossible to get a license done without paying bribe and they all get their license done via brokers or through influential contacts, said MYF coordinators Goutham and Pavan in a press release..

Unfortunately some of them do not even know how to drive. Amongst the rest 50 per cent who prefer the legal procedure around 75-80 per cent have been failed in their first attempt which could be for a genuine reason or for delay in the process to expect bribe.

Considering this they prefer to go through a broker in order to avoid any further delay and very few go through the process again and again to get their license in the legal manner, they said.

Changes in RTO

Though the above is the perception amongst youth surveyed, the reality, as per the RTO, is not that.

There have been numerous changes brought in by the RTO in the recent years to make the process as transparent as possible.

Thanks to advancement in technology which itself has helped to keep all transactions secure and to completely eliminate fake and forged licenses.

Introduction of biometrics has ensured that the applicant should be physically present and to maintain uniqueness and history of each individual. RTO in a public private partnership and in association with National Informatics Centre (NIC) has made the above things a reality.

Web portals “Sarathi” and “Vahan” for driving license and vehicle registration respectively has reduced the paper work and helped the employees to maintain data in a convenient manner.

All approvals in the process are done by the assistant RTO’s unique identity which in no way could be replicated.

The recent technology of a simulator test for issuing DL for light motor vehicles has completely eliminated the need for an inspector to evaluate one’s driving.

Introduction of smart cards has made it even more digitalised and individual’s records could be accessed from any part of the nation.

Considering the citizens complaints on demand of bribe at the time of delivery of license, RTO initiated to deliver licenses via post which eliminates the need for an individual to visit RTO again. 

In spite of the above developments, a common scene at RTO is long queues of citizens to either get documents verified or to pay fees.

Senior RTO officials claimed that they face shortage of staff in order to address the above issue. Considering our growth in population and increasing unemployment rate it’s ironical, but addressing this is the need of the hour.

Getting a license done is a very simple procedure which the staff at reception guide you or via RTO’s informative website ( Commissioner of Transport CP Narayanaswamy, assistant RTO’s Arunkumar Singh and Srinath have been totally involved in the RTO developments, process and procedures, said the release.

For assistance call MYF coordinators – Goutham 9591408227 or Pavan 9739316329 or reach them at, email –