DAM 999

DAM 999

Emotions cant be checked forever

The subject of this film was so ‘sensitive’ that a state banned its screening. ‘Dam 999’ is a decent attempt by a debutant to portray real life as it is.

Shot in Kerala, the film tells the story of a conservative family where two childhood friends, Vinay Rai and Vimala Raman, despite being emotionally attached to each other can’t get together due to Vinay’s father-Rajit Kapur, a famous local ayurvedic practioneer and firm believer of horoscopes. Finally, Vinay marries another girl-Linda Arseni, a TV journalist but is not happy with her. Their only child-Jineeth Rath a juvenile diabetic ultimately, brings Vinay to his patriarchal home in search of treatment.

Although the issue of dam, on which the whole story was supposed to be based comes at the end, the political conspiracy involving Ashish Vidyarth, a corrupt politician runs parallel. The movie also has  stories from other people’s life–a love triangle, much hyped ayurvedic miracles and much more– which only confuses the audience and their interest wanes.

Midway, you will also be entertained by Hindi songs. However, the whole issue of the dam comes only during the climax with some two-minute catchy action scenes when the dam breaches. On the whole, it fails to justify the reason for its ban, leaving the audience high and dry.