Increase judges' age but don't employ them after retirement

Increase judges' age but don't employ them after retirement

In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, All India Bar Association said the government should increase the retirement age of the apex court judge to 68 from 65, that of high court judges to 65 from 62 and the trial court's judges to 62.

"The retirement age of the judges of Supreme Court, high courts and district courts should be increased by three years," said the letter written by AIBA chairman Adish C Aggarwala while also urging the Prime Minister not to reemploy judges after their retirement.

"After increase in the retirement age, the judges should not be given any appointment in any commission or tribunal or authority," said Aggarwala's letter which he gave to the Prime Minister yesterday on the eve of law day while presenting to him the second edition of his book on the Constitution of India.

AIBA chairman also urged the Prime Minister to provide for financial autonomy for the judiciary and make it mandatory that every new entrant to the legal profession work for two years as a law clerk with a judge on suitable stipend.

"This will help in reducing the arrears of cases in courts as the judges will get proper assistance and the budding lawyers will also get necessary experience," said Aggarwala.