Gingrich leads Republican presidential race

Gingrich leads Republican presidential race

The latest CNN/Time/ORC poll revealed that Gingrich was way ahead of his nearest rival Mitt Romney in three early primary States of Iowa, South Carolina and Florida.

Till a few weeks ago, Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, was considered to be formidable candidates to bag the Republican presidential nomination to challenge incumbent Barack Obama in the November 2012 presidential elections.

In Iowa Gingrich (33 per cent) leads Romney (22 per cent) by 12 percent of the votes; while in South Carolina the former House Speaker (43 per cent) leads the former Massachusetts Governor (20 per cent) by a whopping 23 per cent.

"These numbers show a meteoric rise: Since the last time this poll was conducted in late October, Gingrich has gained 35 points in South Carolina, 31 points in Florida, plus 23 points in Iowa.

"Most troubling of all for Romney, Gingrich has posted a 19-point gain in New Hampshire, once a stronghold for the former Massachusetts governor," the Time magazine reported.
However, Romney continues to maintain the lead in New Hampshire, which goes to the primary elections first.

In New Hampshire Romney has 35 per cent, followed by Newt Gingrich (26 per cent), Ron Paul (17 per cent) and everybody else in single digits.

Appearing on the CNN, the Texas Governor, Rick Perry, and a presidential aspirant said that the race is still in a fluid stage.

Perry's voting percentage in all these States, according to the latest poll, is in single digits.

"Newt's numbers may reflect people who have been excited seeing him in the news, watching him on TV in the debates, but does he have that organisation to get people out into the cold to the caucus sites?" questioned Michael Crowley, deputy bureau chief, Time.

"The other thing I would say that might be a little bit of good news for Romney there, I think Rick Perry has room to grow there.

"He is just starting to go big with advertising on television, targeting a conservative audience in Iowa. I think Perry has the ability to eat away from Newt's lead a little bit, so I wouldn't count Romney out entirely.

"This is not the worst of the polls that we will see for him," he told the CNN.

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