Campus corner

Campus corner

‘Kalajyothi’ fest held
Elegant: A dance performance in progress.

The cultural crusade commenced on August 13 and reached its crescendo on August 22. As many as 36 vibrant events helped Jayantians to aim for the stars. Galaxia helped students identify their cultural roots, to discover themselves and  to showcase their budding talents.

The students were enthusiastic and did their best to excel in events like creative writing, sketching, cartooning, paper painting, collage, trash art, photography, flower adornment, jewellery designing, face and pot painting and salad making. The fest also helped in the blossoming of traditional talents through rangoli, mehendi and srushti kala.

Acting, mime, street play, monoact, dumb charades and tableau were also part of the competitions. Armageddon was another event for the students to impress the crowd with their innate aptitude. The oratorical skills of the students were enhanced through events like extempore, elocution and debate.

The Personality Contest called Phoenix helped students introspect and realise their inner self. Expressive and entertaining art forms like singing and dancing added flavour to the fest. Empowerment of knowledge was focused through the quiz event called Sagitta.