Facing the bouncers

Facing the bouncers

Off field

Say Cheese: Suresh, Virender, Ajay Kakar, Yuvraj and Rohit.

Every Indian cricket fan knows how animated Yuvraj Singh is on the field, and of course, we have heard about  about his many antics off the field as well. The cricketer was at
his jovial best when he came to promote an insurance company in Bangalore recently.

Yuvraj along with his three team-mates — Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina — took all the googly questions thrown at them by the host Charu Sharma and the mediapersons.

When asked, “Every week your name is linked with one or the other heroine in Bollywood, with which heroine and film would you like to act ?” He replied, “I won’t act in any, because I am playing cricket.” He did not say anything about the heroine. Later,
he said: “Tonight, I am going out with Gary Kirsten (coach of Indian Cricket team.)”

Every time the host asked a question, before any cricketer could answer, Yuvaraj pitched in to give his views.  Rohit Sharma was asked by Charu about the new shot he is trying in the net. Before Rohit could say, Yuvraj was there with his answer: “Reverse sweep”. 
In another instance, when the players were asked about their retirement plans, Suresh Raina said, “With the money from this insurance, I will lead a happy life with my wife and daughter.” Yuvaraj could not resist his humour and said, “Bahut door ka socha hai yaar… biwi, bachche!” (Friend, you have thought of everything… wife, children.)

Sehwag was doing his best to promote the insurance company. Before the beginning or after the end of an answer, he said: “Secure your life with this insurance.” 

The bouncers of T20 world cup hunted the young batsmen even here. Suresh Raina had an apt reply for it: “You will get the answer when a next bouncer is bowled. It will land outside the ground.


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