Vivekananda now on You Tube

Vivekananda now on You Tube

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On September 27, 1893, Swami Vivekananda enthralled the audience at the World’s Parliament of Religion in Chicago, with his inspiring speech --“Sisters and Brothers of America...”.

With this, he led the Indian Vedanta to a greater height, thus calling for the harmonisation of the world’s religions.

As the country celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of the saint, who was born on January 12, 1863, Sri Ramakrishna Math in Chennai, which is among the oldest centers set up by Vivekananda, has now tapped into new Information Technology (IT) tools for its communicative task, thus spreading the saint’s message through multi-media platform.

Called the ‘Philosopher-- our spiritual Ambassador to the West, and a cyclonic force behind Hindu Renaissance,’ the centre on Thursday launched ‘Holographic Display System’ (HDS), at the Vivekananda House in Chennai.

The HDS enables users to see Swami Vivekananda in a 3-dimensional perspective, with the teacher’s silhouette delivering his great speeches aloud. “It has been an instant hit among the youths in particular”, Swami Arvind of the RK Math told Deccan Herald here. Designed by ‘Inboxel’, a Delhi IIT-incubated company, the HDS presents Swami Vivekananda “live as it were” with a magical effect of lighting up the patriot-saint’s silhouette that floats calmly in mid-air.

The content was done by Chennai-based ‘Global Institute For Stereovision and Research (GISR)’, informed Arvind. Two monks from the Math also collaborated with ‘Inboxel’ and ‘GISR’ in this high-tech initiative.

Close to the room on the first floor of Vivekananda House where the most celebrated disciple of Sri Ramakrishna stayed for nine days on his return from the West in February 1897, India’s first ‘Stereoscopic 3D Animated Short Movie’ on Swami Vivekananda, was launched on Thursday by the former Space Scientist R M Vasagam along with the new ‘3D Theatre’ at the Vivekananda House.

The short 3D animation video conveys Vivekananda’s messages to the youth, and to the nation at large. “His spiritual homilies like every individual realising the ‘Higher Self’, “are crisp and short for a smart generation who’re hooked to the YouTube,” explained Arvind.  The six-minute 3D animation video virtually brings alive the enthralling young saint in his inimitable sanyasin’s robe and trademark turban.