Illegal mining of white stones banned

Illegal mining of white stones banned

Stones are transported to Tamil Nadu and sold at exorbitant prices

Tahsildar K Mathai, along with the officials of forest and police departments visited Malladevara hill region in Kattaya hobli, where illegal mining of white stones is being carried out unabatedly and inspected the spot on Monday.

Upon receiving information on illegal mining of white stones in the region, which was being transported to neighbouring state Tamil Nadu, a team of officials made a spot visit.

The locals were allegedly opposing the illegal mining and had brought it to the notice of the authorities concerned. Following this, tahsildar Mathai had banned mining of white stones.

Addressing media, Mathai said there is no technical information on the use of these white stones and the samples of the stones are being sent to laboratories for testing. According to information, already two to three loads of stones have been transported out of which one truck has been seized by the department of mines and geology.

It has been found that the miscreants have been using explosives to blast the stones. The ban will be in effect immediately and illegal mining stopped. He also informed that night patrolling will be in place to prevent illegal mining activities.

Locals who opposed the mining activities here said that though they themselves helped in seizing the two trucks that were transporting the stones, the local leaders had released one truck. One has been seized with the department of mines. They also complained of cracks due to explosives used for mining purpose in the region.

It is alleged that these stones are sold at exorbitant prices to the glass and steel manufacturing companies. The stones are being used in jewellery industry after cutting and polishing the same and there is a huge demand for these stones in Tamil Nadu, it is said.