People's Problems

People's Problems

Water scarcity in Ulsoor

The residents of 19th Cross, Lakshmipura, Ulsoor, are facing water scarity for the last three months. There is no regular supply of water and it has become very difficult to get drinking water. Earlier, water was supplied for two hours on alternate days. Now there is no supply. The residents are regularly paying the water bill. In spite of paying water bill, there is no supply of water. The other areas around Lakshmipura are getting water supply without any hardships.
Despite several complaints lodged at the call centre, the problem of scarcity of water is not solved. Tenants are vacating houses due to the shortage of water. Will the authorities concerned take early action in this regard and ensure regular supply of water.

S Shamala

Uncleared garbage

There is a lot of garbage near 4th cross corner and Siddalingeswara Theatre road in JP Nagar. There is also stray dog menace because of this uncleared garbage. 

Despite making several complaints to the authorities no action has been taken to clear the garbage.

1st A main, JP Nagar

Asphalt varsity road

Everyday we travel on the road connecting Mysore Road to Ullal, Jnanabharati. This road inside Bangalore University links Mysore Road. Many people use this road and it has become very busy nowadays.

Neither the university nor the Corporation authorities have taken steps to repair the road damaged due to heavy traffic. They say funds to the tune of several crores of rupees have been sanctioned for asphalting the road. Yet, they are postponing the work.

On  rainy days, the condition worsens due to the potholes on the road. Many college students also use this road.

Will the authorities concerned take up the long-pending  asphalting work at the earliest.


Decongest Shankar Mutt Road

After KR Road was partially closed due to Metro work, traffic between Mahila Seva Samaja and National College Circle on Shankar Mutt Road has taken the

All types of vehicles - buses, trucks, four-wheelers and two-wheelers choke the road from Chamarajpet first main road till the Shankar Mutt Road-Vani Vilas Road junction.

Unfortunately, this is the only link road for commuters from northern to the southern parts of the city.

I would like to suggest that traffic may move from Royan Circle through Ranga Rao Road to reach Vani Vilas Road.

This system may operate till the Metro work is over on KR Road. The condition of Shankar Mutt Road till Vani Vilas Road is very bad.

The footpath is in a mess, the streetlights contractor has dug up large pits, with stone slabs thrown on the roadside. Either side of the road is dug up and filled with mud and jelly. Hence, the traffic piles up upto a kilometre.

Commuters have to wait for long to cross the Vani Vilas junction.

I hope the Palike and the traffic police pay heed to this request and make life better for the commuters.

Shankar Mutt Road

Parking woes

The approach road to the Bangalore East Railway Station, with autorickshaws parked on either side, makes it difficult for car owners to enter and exit the station, especially in the morning.

Why don’t they park on one side of the road as they done at the autorickshaw stand at the Cantonment station?

Harassment of passengers by auto drivers is another nuisance, besides the exorbitant fare they demand.

Outside the compound wall, garbage and other filth is deliberately dumped so that either people park their car inside and pay for it or park further away from the entrance.
This makes it difficult for the passengers to walk up to the car with heavy luggage. The road which is a little beyond the compound wall is neat.

Frazer Town

Contamination of water at Nagarabhavi

We have been facing severe drinking water problem at Nagarbhavi 11th Block (Ward 73) due to the mixing of Cauvery and sewage water.

The main reason for this is the digging of roads which is damaging water pipelines. We have been faced with this problem since November 25, 2011. Though BWSSB has traced the damaged lines, it has not conducted any lab tests to confirm the extent of contamination in the water.

The digging of roads needs to stop immediately, and BWSSB has to work with the contractors during the digging of roads to prevent them from damaging water pipelines. The BWSSB should also ensure that the pipelines are repaired at the earliest and should conduct tests of the water before it is distributed to houses.

Umashankar L
11th Block, Nagarabhavi.

BWSSB responses

Erratic water supply

Grievance: The residents of door numbers 44, 45, 46 in 6th Main Road, Kengeri Satellite Town, are not supplied water regularly. No action has been taken to redress the grievance.

K S Sundaram,
6th Main, K S Town

Response: The concerned assistant engineer visited the area and has spoken to the residents.  The supply has been restored

Assistant Engineer

Scarce supply

Grievance: Water supply to the residents of 2nd Main, 3rd Block, HRBR Layout, continues to remain scarce in spite of bringing it to the notice of BWSSB officials. We continue to depend on private tankers.


Response: The concerned engineer has visited the spot and has informed that the residents of HRBR Layout are given normal supply.

Mallareddy, AEE

Water shortage

Grievance: The residents of the 6th main road, Mathikere extension are facing acute water crisis. We get very little water on alternative days.

Dr M Srinivas,
Mathikere Extension

Response: The engineer concerned has reported that the complaint has been attended to and water supply has been restored.  Consumers of Mathikere have also given in writing that they are now getting normal water supply.

Suresh, AE

Illegal connections

Grievance: BWSSB is losing lakhs of rupees each year, due to a big water scam in T Dasarahalli for the past two years. The area has been getting Cauvery water since March, 2009. Only about 10 per cent of the residents have paid to get the water meters installed. Despite numerous complaints to BWSSB, no action has been taken.


Response: The engineer concerned has reported that since T Dasarahalli is an old CMC area, there were nearly 500 illegal connections. BWSSB has already disconnected and converted 250 such connections. Within the next two months the remaining illegal connections will also be converted by installing water meters.

Kempaiah, AEE

Streamline supply

Grievance: Water supply is diverted to the apartments in LIC Colony, Jeevan Bima Nagar, thereby resulting in shortage of water for other residents.

Manu Nair,
Jeevan Bima Nagar.

Response: The engineer concerned has informed that water supply is not diverted to LIC colony and that the apartment owners are buying water from private water tankers.

Somashekhar, AE