'Barbaric, uncivilised culture growing in society'

'Barbaric, uncivilised culture growing in society'

State-level study camp of SFI begins at Kalaangann

Writer Kum Veerabhadrappa speaking at the four-day state level study camp of Students’ Federation of India on Friday at Kalangann in Mangalore. DH photoInaugurating the four-day state level study camp of Students’ Federation of India on Friday at Kalangann, Kum Vee said that a sense of ‘Talibanism’ is gripping Indian society, which is dangerous and hence there is a need to stand against such practices.

Citing examples of attack on women in pubs, attack on religious places, prohibition on wearing burkha etc happening in Mangalore, he said that women have not yet got the rightful place in the society despite fast paced development happening.

He said that a writer or poet has greater role to play during this juncture of time which calls for another freedom struggle.  “Writers should take up the cause of fighting against social evils. Writers who write sitting within four walls of the house are dangerous. Writers must get out, look at the realities around them and write about such issues to make a difference,” he said.

He opined that literature and politics must complement each other but unfortunately this is not happening in India where politics has no link with literature whatsoever. He said that it would be wrong to pin point at one particular party and call it as ‘communal’ because strong shades of communalism can be seen in all those parties which have tagged themselves as ‘secular’.

“The so called secular party leaders prostrate before saints and religious people and seek blessing to restore their power. They call vastu experts and astrologers before ascending to the chair after getting power,” he added.

He called upon the SFI members to read as much as possible to broaden their horizon. “Do not only read books on communism read literary books,” he said and opined that the present day school text books are only producing robots.

SFI State President Naveen Kumar presided over the programme. SFI National President P K Viju, Reception Committee Honorary President Eric Ozario were present.