Easeus Partition Master

Most of us think managing partitions is something difficult and better left to the techies. Well, not necessarily, instead we could use  EASEUS Partition Master. This utility is a disk partition management tool to help create, format and delete partitions in a hard drive, at will. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes all these tasks very easy to handle.
EASEUS Partition Master can work with different file types and can handle hard drives of up to 800 GB. The most outstanding feature of this utility is that partitions can be moved and resized live, without a care about losing any data. Other features: It automatically detects the storage devices connected, see all properties of a specific partition, format a partition to both FAT32 and NTFS, Iets copy of all the data in a partition to another, easy resize of existing partitions, step-by-step wizard, powerful safety features to protect against system failures while partitioning, undo feature to reverse any partition step, and much more.  The 8.80 MB EASEUS Partition Master 3.5 Full Version for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP 32 bit, Windows Vista 32 bit can be downloaded at http://www.easeus-software.com/download/epm.zip

Space Sniffer

Space Sniffer is a tool to manage the hard disk space effectively. It can reveal how folders and files are structured on the hard drive through a Treemap visualization layout. This helps to get a clear view of where files are situated, and based on the size of the graph we can figure out the space occupied by that file.
The features of Space Sniffer include: intuitive and structural layout which can be customised by the user - customizable in geometry, colors, behaviors;  specific file/files can be viewed; single click to highlight the folder and double click to view it fully; syncs with the system and effects immediate changes when a file is added or removed - warns by blinking elements; option to view free or unknown space; doesn’t clutter the registry, only a plain XML configuration file; and more. The 863 KB  Space Sniffer v1.0.4.0 (released 18/04/2009) can be downloaded at http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/files/spacesniffer_1_0_.... The download includes a quick start pdf file.  More tips can be found at http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/tips_and_tricks.html

Keyboard Tweaker

Keyboard Tweaker is a Hotkeys manager to transform a normal keyboard with 101/102 keys into a multimedia keyboard by assigning shortcuts on the keyboard. The utility sets some combinations to the keyboard keys for a specific function, for example Ctrl+Alt+A may run one of the functions. These can include: speaker volume up/down, speaker mute; launch of calculator, paint, solitaire, notepad or any other executable located on the hard drive, or any kind of file with the associated program (like *.jpg);  access e-mails/websites; access local paths (like C:) /network paths (like \Computer); icon attachment for every combination of keys; and much more.
The 731 KB Keyboard Tweaker v.23 for Windows 9x, Me, 2k, XP, Vista can be downloaded at http://stud.usv.ro/~alexbu/downloads/keyboard23.zip.

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