Complaint against BESCOM dismissed

Complaint against BESCOM dismissed

He claimed they had disrupted his power lines four times causing great inconvenience and hardship to him and his family. But Bescom proved to this Forum that they were unable to do their job of meter reading in the consumer’s home due to civil disputes between him and his brother which resulted in the garage being locked, where the meter was located.

Bescom meter readers unable to do their jobs, resulted in bills remaining unpaid, and forcing the department to disrupt the power lines. Forum President Bajentri H M found the consumer’s claims untenable and dismissed the complaint.

Company told to refund

M P Premaraj had complained to this forum against Arcmax Computers which had promised to provide computers on installment basis with assistance from Bajaj Finance.
He paid up Rs 2,000 and gave his bank details, etc. But was later told that Bajaj Finance had not sanctioned his loan.

But Arcmax Computers refused to return his Rs 2,000 and this Forum has ordered it to refund his money with costs of Rs 500.

‘Repay amount’

The III Additional consumer forum has ordered the Akshara Montessori House of Children to pay back Rs 23,500 to J J Premkumar, who complained that the school was not recognised by the Government of Karnataka and was not giving proper teaching to his daughter.

Guilty of deficient service

The II Additional consumer forum has found the MTR Foods Pvt Ltd guilty of deficient service and has ordered it to pay up Rs 15,000 to a consumer and to deposit another Rs 20,000 before the District Forum Legal Aid Account as punitive damages.

K A Padmanabha had bought MTR’s sambar powder and rasam powder in January but was shocked to find worms in both the products. He wrote a letter to MTR and also phoned but no one replied.

He tried several times to get in touch but did not get a proper reply.

He finally complained to this Forum and the President, S S Nagarale ruled in his favour and commented in the order. “This kind of attitude on the part of a very reputed and famous company is not proper. The complainant spent a lot of time and energy in getting a proper response and justice.”

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