Classy, glassy beads for ethnic touch

Classy, glassy beads for ethnic touch


A string of beads, be it of any colour, size — that was purely used for adorning necks of beautiful women and sometimes men — is now not just a string.

Artisans, who are in constant touch with creativity, keep trying new ways to lure customers with their unique products. One such idea is the use of these beautiful micro-beads into a variety of artefacts. These glossy beads that come in a lot of colours, under the effect of light dazzle and glitter and add a touch of ethnicity to your drawing and dining rooms.

You can find such beautiful products made out of beads at the Sahara Arts and Crafts Mela that is being held at the Scouts and Guides Grounds behind DC’s office in Mysore.
Those bored of seeing the same kind of table mats, plastic flower and fruit baskets have a wide range of products to choose from as you have lovely table mats woven intricately with a lot of patience that glitters on your table.

Artistes from New Delhi, experts in zari, beads and embroidery works have displayed beautiful products at a stall here — attracting customers.

Speaking to City Herald, artisan Golus said he has been visiting the heritage city for the third time and the response was very good. A woman’s kurta, fully designed using contrast or same colour beads is the highlight of the stall. The price of these kurtas range from Rs 450 onwards and a person takes two days to complete a single piece. All the products are hand-embroidered and their unit in Delhi has more than 62 workers involved in manufacturing these garments. They are sent to almost all states as it is a huge hit among young girls.

Apart from kurtis, scarfs, jackets, purses, clutches and belts, a lot of other things — also made of beads — are up for grabs here. Candle stands and fruit baskets made of larger beads have an ethnic touch and is sure to draw envious glances from guests and may even earn you a word of appreciation for your taste for collections.

Other products on sale are beaded coasters, table mats, X-Mas tree, decorative items, napkin rings, photo frames, evening bags, ear rings, pouches, dresses, tushis, stoles, etc. If you are a shopaholic, looking for something unique, here are products that are worthy to be added to your collection.