Dining with man's best friend

Dining with man's best friend

Pet Meals

Got a pooch you don’t want to leave behind when you head out for a casual meal?

FOODIES : Petowners at ‘Under the Mango Tree’.

Now pet owners need not fret as many establishments in the City are slowly opening up to patrons who can bring their pets along for a meal or even holiday with them.

Restaurants, cafes and even resorts in and around the City are going that extra mile to ensure that pets have a special menu.

So while the owners are busy socialising with their friends, their pets can roam around having their own fun.

Priya, an ecstatic pet owner and an advertising professional, says that it was about time the City opened up such establishments.

“It’s always stressful to leave behind your pet at home all alone. My dachshund is like a part of the family and now with restaurants being open to pets, things become easier for me,” she adds.

When you ask the owners of such restaurants about the inspiration behind them, you realise that their four-legged friend itself was the driving force.

On realising that there were no places in the City where they could take their pets, they thought about it opening up such restaurants.

Adnan runs ‘Paws & Claws’, a pet resort on Sarjapur Road. It’s a special place where owners can come stay with their pets or even let them swim in the pool or take them out for strolls without a worry.

“In Bangalore, you can’t take your dog out for a walk in any of the parks which is really sad because animals need space to run and exercise on a daily basis. That’s why I decided to start a place where people can actually come over and bond with their pets,” he says.

Yet another pet-friendly place in the City is ‘Under The Mango Tree’ which has separate sections for people with pets and those without.

The place also has a separate menu card for pets on the first Sunday of every month. Nirmala Balakrishnan, a pet-lover who runs this place, says, “On a regular day, people can bring their pets and either bring along food for them or order boiled chicken with veggies or milk and bread. Many youngsters are thrilled about this concept as they care for their pets and love to take them around.”

Most the places that serve special pet food take advice from vets before putting it on the menu.

 “Generally, we keep very basic food like ragi or rice. And we ensure that no salt or sweet is added to the food,” says Adnan.

But not all are thrilled about such places. Girish, a businessman, is apprehensive about taking his pet to such places. “I am worried about the kind of food served out there. But mainly, I’m afraid that the animals may into a fight,” he says.

To which Nirmala adds, “Most of the people who come to such places know the temperament of their pet. So we expect our customers to take the decision on whether their pet will get snappy.”