A unique felicitation to Naada in City

A unique felicitation to Naada in City

Dr Na Damodar Shetty, a teacher par excellence, a theater personality, litterateur and a critic was given a warm hearted felicitation by his admirers, students, contemporaries and loved ones at Town Hall, on Saturday.

The programme named ‘Nadabhinandane’ brought to light various facets of Dr Na Damodar Shetty popularly known as Naada.

Aptly the programme was inaugurated by renowned poet Prof K S Nisar Ahmed who went down the memory lane to remember his decades old association with Naada. He said that it is not sufficient if an individual has intelligence, what is important for any individual is to own a sensitive and a generous heart.

“Naada posses both,” he said.

Felicitating Naada, renowned film-maker Nagathihalli Chandrashekar said that unrest in the mind connects an individual to his present. “When a mind does not turn restless things are not alright in the society it means that the mind has become numb and insensitive. In a society like India, which rather bears injuries of the past, restless teachers play a major role. Naada has been that restless mind who involved himself into service of culture and literature. His model of teaching has produced a brigade of sensitive students,” said Nagathihalli.

Presiding over the programme, Germany Wurzberg University Professor B A Vivek Rai said that the fire of silent revolution lit by Naada is evidently seen in Mangalore.Responding to the felicitation, Naada spoke about his childhood days when he had deep love for carom, reading, theatre etc and about the pains he took in forming Vedika Prakashana and Bhumika Rangathanda.Na Damodar Shetty and his wife Sumathi M K were felicitated. 

A sovenier named ‘Naadaloka’ was released in the morning during the inaugural programme by Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati President Prof Pradhan Gurudatt, who shedding light on the book said that the entire compilation has four parts bringing together Naada’s personality, personal life, how his friends and family members have looked at him, his literarture etc. ‘Nadabhava,’ a CD on musical creations of Naada was released by theatre personality B Jayashri on the occasion.

Unique inauguration

The event was inaugurated in a unique way by the dignitaries. A ‘veena’ was placed in the front of the stage and Prof K S Nisar Ahmed inaugurated the event by playing the instrument. The dignitaries on the dais reiterated the same by trying their hands on the string.