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Click and pick

online shopping

Gone are the days of hopping around the streets with a shopping bag in your hands. Now you can sit back at home, hit the internet and enjoy the pleasures of online shopping.

As world gets smaller due to vast technology, the world of shopping too, seems to have been narrowed down to the internet. It has not been long since India was introduced to online shopping or ‘e-tailing’. Though it took time to set its feet in the country, e-shopping is growing popular among the consumers.

Since our lives are getting busier with workload, it leaves us with little or no time to shop around. Companies are quick to realise this and have made great use of the internet to create shopping websites.

Right from a pen to a laptop, shopping websites have something to offer for everyone. Plus as compared to store shopping, one can’t help but agree that online shopping is hassle-free. One can easily avoid the crowd and also be tension-free about the parking space. Also, e-shopping websites do not charge for the shipping of the items.

So all shoppers have to do is choose the desired product, add it to cart and pay with their debit or credit card. But a majority of people are hesitant about e-banking. For this, online shopping companies have come up with another option — Cash-On-Delivery or COD. For an enthusiastic shopper, it is an icing on the cake!

Unlike malls and other shops, shopping websites lure customers by giving great discounts on branded products. Anusha Narain, a professional, says, “Online shopping has simplified my life. I can do more productive things with the time and energy I save. It is no more one big chore.” But another online shopper, Sruthi Rajan, has a different view.

She says, “I’m usually hesitant when it comes to online shopping. I use it only for phone recharges. But Flipkart is safe. Also even if I order something from the net, I prefer to pay through cash-on-delivery. Some of friends have ordered things online and gifted them on my birthday. These were delivered to me safely as well.”

There are some who stick to the traditional shopping methods. Says Liya Jacob, “Online shopping is a boon to those who don’t have access to branded shops or don’t live in the City areas. However, I prefer to shop from stores as I can check the products and buy them.”

However, one can’t forget the era of tele-shopping. Product description was shown on television and all one had to do was place the order through phone. But with changing technology, shopping too has gone through transitions. So shoppers have different choices in the way to shop according to their convenience. Nothing can be more relaxing than visiting shops, selecting products and buying them. But for those who simply dislike the crowd and long queues at the cash counter, online shopping is the best option. So stop thinking and get shopping!