Cool juicy fruits for hot summer

Cool juicy fruits for hot summer


With a variety of fruits descending on the city, it is the best season to begin your day with strawberry milkshake or fresh orange juice along with a light breakfast, to replenish and rejuvenate yourself making this summer most enjoyable, writes Gayathri V Raj

The steadily rising temperature indicates that the summer is back with a bang. As is the popular saying  the winter season ends with Shivaratri, one of the most popular festivals of the region that is celebrated on February 20 this year, the mercury level is set to soar.

It is the time that people love to quench their thirst with available fruits and tender coconuts and thankfully the season is blessed with the arrival of a variety of fruits loaded with nutrients essential to beat the summer. Vendors selling these fruits at the makeshift shops dotting the main roads is a common scene during the season.  Digging your teeth into the luscious piece of red fleshy watermelon smeared with a dash of salt and pepper is heavenly, especially when the sun is at the top.

Not only water melon, musk melon, grapes both green and purple, bright oranges, jack fruits, strawberries, pomegranate and others are being sold on the main roads. But all these fruits at one spot in stalls in the Devaraja market is a visual treat and it is highly impossible to resist the temptation not to buy this.

Temporary shops selling fruits can be seen on the stretch of Hunsur road, KRS road, Yadavagiri, opp Crawford hall and many more places in the city catering to the needs of the people. 

Watermelons though was considered a seasonal fruit is now available round through the year but it tastes best during summer.

There are two varieties available, a plain green variety that is smaller in size and is grown in surrounding areas, the other ‘Namadhari’ variety has to be brought from Tamil Nadu and other places. Though farmers around Chamarajanagar are into growing these fruits locally, they are not into full time cultivation. They sow seeds so that the fruits are ready to harvest during February-March. The fruits are loaded with 90 per cent water and essential nutrients that helps in keeping the body temperature well under control.

Most of the health freaks make use of the season to skip either their breakfast or their dinner supplementing with this juicy melon.The fruits are priced from Rs 12 per kg and for those who are satisfied with just a piece it is Rs 5 per piece.

It is also the season of musk melon, which is the distant cousin of the water melon. The only difference being the the fleshy fruit is best either in juice form and diced into small pieces with sugar and a dash of cardamom makes the best dessert for the season.

While the capital city Bangalore is all geared up to celebrate the arrival of grapes by organising grape melas, that has become quite a hit in the silicon city, the heritage city is also not lagging behind. Though there are not such melas, several malls in the city have opened separate designed counters to attract people to buy grapes.

Majority of the grapes are from Maharashtra as there are several valleys that are involved in cultivation of grapes. The climate there is conducive for growing grapes and several wineries are situated there and are major producers of wine in the country.

Speaking to City Herald, a vendor in Devaraja market said that seedless grapes are from Maharashtra and the local varieties which have seeds are from Chikkaballapur and surrounding areas. Though many have involved in cultivation of grapes in Karnataka, still Maharashtra stands the major supplier of grapes and its products. While the seedless purple grapes is sold at Rs 120 per kg, the green grapes are sold at Rs 80. The local varieties are around Rs 60 per kg.

The bright big oranges from Nagpur is a rage, as the appearance of the fruit is so fresh, people end up buying several kilos. The oranges are rich in Vitamin C has a lot of medicinal benefits, especially for those who are beauty conscious. 

Though Kodagu is also famous for oranges, these are smaller in size and different in taste. Moreover, with the production of oranges taking a backseat due to several problems, only Nagpur oranges are now available in the market and it is priced at Rs 30 per kg.

Strawberries, that were once available only at the elite malls and showrooms are now available for a reasonable price, with vendors selling them on bicycles neatly packed in a plastic containers. A pack of berries are priced at approximately Rs 30 per box is now at the reach of even middle class families.

So, stop complaining about the hot summer and stay cool, replenish yourself with seasonal fruits and enjoy.