There is an undercurrent in BJP's favour, says UP party chief

There is an undercurrent in BJP's favour, says UP party chief

Uttar Pradesh BJP president Surya Pratap Shahi’s claim that his party will secure an absolute majority in the state has not been backed some in his own party.

He feels that there is a strong undercurrent in favour of the BJP in the state and the increased voting percentage has gone its favour. Shahi himself is in the fray from Pathardewan Assembly seat in Deoria, his home district. Deccan Herald’s Sanjay Pandey caught up with him during campaigning for the party candidates in the state capital.


Q. The surveys have predicted a hung assembly with the BJP finishing at fourth place. Do you also think so?

A. The surveys will prove to be incorrect. The BJP will emerge victorious in the polls and will secure an absolute majority. People of the state are looking to the BJP as they are fed up with the SP, BSP and Congress. They want to oust the BSP as it has failed to ensure the rule of law in the state and scams galore in its regime. They do not want SP to return to power as they fear the “goonda raj” will return and the Congress will also pay a heavy price for scams and inflation. The people have made up their mind to support the BJP this time.

Q. There is a feeling even among the BJP workers that you may again ally with BSP.

A.  All our leaders have made it categorically clear that BJP will not enter into alliance with any party after the polls. If we do not get majority we will prefer to sit in the Opposition.

Q. Do you think factionalism in the state unit will hurt the party’s prospects in the polls?

A. There is no factionalism in the BJP. There may be some differences on some issues but they are common in a democratic party like the BJP. In other parties there is no scope for differences as they are controlled by individuals.

Q. Who will be the chief minister if the BJP secures an absolute majority?

A. There are many able candidates in our party for the post. The issue will be decided by the newly elected legislators and the party high command.

Q. Will the Kalyan Singh factor harm the BJP in the polls?

A. Kalyan Singh is no longer a force in the state.

Q. Do you think the induction of Babu Singh Kushwaha was a bad decision?

A. The chapter is now closed. Kushwaha has himself made it clear that he will not become member of the party until he is cleared in the inquiry.